Adriatic Power Battery Warranty

VRLA and SLA (Semi Sealed) Batteries
12 Month limited warranty – Standard terms and conditions

  1. All batteries supplied by Adriatic Power are warrantied against faults attributable to faulty design, components and workmanship whilst operating under normal conditions for a period of 12 months from delivery date.
  2. If during this period a battery fails to operate within factory specification, Adriatic Power undertakes to repair, replace, or restore it to within factory specification subject to the limitations detailed below.
  3. In the event that the battery cannot be repaired or recovered and at the sole discretion of Adriatic Power a new battery may be supplied subject to limitations below.
  4. Should a battery be delivered in a non-operational state, Adriatic Power may at its sole discretion agree to supply a new battery.
  5. All claims against this warranty must be made to Adriatic Power within 10 days from the date of the failure.
  6. No claim will be entertained unless the faulty battery is returned to Adriatic Power.
  7. All returned batteries must be packaged in the original or comparable packing and shipping container. In the event that equipment is not so packaged, or if shipping damage is evident, it will not be accepted under warranty.
  8. All claims shall be accompanied by proof of purchase and a description of the problem.


  1. The warranty is a carry-in warranty and therefore excludes shipping costs.
  2. If any of the following is evident the claim will be invalidated:
    Visible damage to the casing or terminals such as but not limited to,
    Excessive corrosion,
    Leaking acid,
    Physical cracks or piercing of the casing
    Obvious neglect or poor handling
    Damage to terminals
  3. Surges, forces of nature, negligence, and damage due to incorrect installation and operating procedures are all excluded under this warranty.
  4. The warranty pertains only to the battery itself and does not extend to the electrical reticulation or associated equipment. Adriatic Power’s liability under this guarantee is limited to the above and we do not accept any responsibility for incidental or consequential damages, direct or indirect resulting from any defect in the device or adjacent components.
  5. Evidence of tampering or attempts to repair the battery by personnel other than those accredited and authorised by Adriatic Power will render all warranties void.
  6. Warranty limitations are as follows:
    Total failure within 1 Month – Full replacement
    Total failure from 1-6 Months – 67% discount off replacement cost
    Total failure within 6-9 Months – 50% discount off replacement cost
    Total failure within 9-12 Months – 33% discount off replacement cost
    Total Failure after 12 Months – Not covered by warranty