Solar Power solutions are really a specialized of power generation. There are a number of companies bringing in products from all over the place. Some of these products are really cheap and nasty.

We have cemented a relationship with a company here is South Africa and are specializing in a German Product. Europe, in our opinion, are the leaders in the field of renewable energy. This is what caused us to focus on them rather than products from the far east etc.

We would really prefer you to contact us on the numbers or emails below, and let us evaluate your requirement and make proper and professional suggestions to ensure you have exactly the right solution for your renewable energy.

Click on a name below to send us an email or call us on our South African numbers:-
Laura Appelcrijn – 087 944 4558
Marius Grobbelaar – 082 889 3663
Derek Joustra – 079 242 2922
Johann Appelcrijn – 084 407 1394
Gary van den Heever – 082 889 3318


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