SME / Household Protection

Are you a little stressed out everytime you see a thunderstorm aproaching?
Everytime there is a power failure. Are you concerned when the power comes back on?
Most of us are – we fear the unseen dreaded power surge or spike.
We offer the industry’s most complete and capable line of high quality Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s) for industrial, commercial and even the small office or household applications.
All of these have something in common – they have expensive, sensitive, high-tech equipment.
Traditional protection is no longer sufficient to handle the modern devices as such you need SineTamer.
The ST-SPT240P device is simply the best.
This devices is intended for any single phase place which can be a house or small office environment.
Features and Benefits
  • 25 year replacement guarantee (The best warranty in the industry).
  • Lightning and Surge protection.
  • Protects all sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Designed as a stand alone device.
  • Thermal protection ensuring fire safety.
  • Weatherproof design – does not need a special enclosure when used outside.
  • Dedicated “All mode” protection.
  • Has built in frequency attenuation for the best protection available.
The model name for this protection is ST-SPT240P.SingePhase

Don’t delay get SineTamer’d TODAY!

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