Selecting the correct solution.


Before you go too deep into this journey – we, at Adriatic Power, have been in the power protection industry for many years. As such we have a fairly decent amount of experience. You can simply call us here and we will assist you to select the correct equipment to solve your particular problem.

I have to tell you that there is not ONE solution to all problems. Nobody has one “box” that will fix all your power problems. It simply does not exist. Sometimes we need to install a combination of products to solve an issue. To that end – once again I encourage you to  simply call us here.

There are various types of power protection equipment ranging from fairly simplistic surge protection plugs to state of the art on-line UPS’s, Line conditioners, inverter’s etc.

Buying power protection is similar to investing in an insurance policy and before the right type of unit can be selected there must be a good understanding of the problems at hand and how the various levels of protection work. In addition to that it’s a simple matter of economics. Simply weigh up the cost of the problem against the cost of the solution. Please note that there are many hidden costs to the problem – like labor, frustration, rent etc.

Lets briefly look at a few of the products …


These are the cheapest forms of protection and are usually purchased to provide a buffer against lightning. Yes they do provide a bit of protection but quite frankly – what can one really expect from R50’s worth of protection.

These units are designed to protect equipment against spikes and surges.  Combination units are available to protect both the power and telephone lines, these are usually used for modems or fax machines.


Line filters are very much like the surge plugs but have the added advantage of being able to clean noise from the power line.


The premier lightning, surge, spike, transient protection available. We have a number of agents and distributors for SineTamer on the SineTamer website.
SineTamer protects against lightning, spikes, noise, transients, etc. It comes with up to a 25year unconditional replacement guarantee.


CVT’s are designed to supply clean power within a certain voltage range. The units are designed to regulate voltage fluctuations of + 15 % to within 5 %. They are extremely robust and great for “African” conditions. Unfortunately limited up to 15KVA in size.


Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR’s) are designed to supply clean power within a certain voltage range. The units are designed to regulate voltage fluctuations of + 15 % to within 5 %. These products are widely used throughout the world and because they have sensitive electronic boards – we recommend a SineTamer to be installed in the front end of the AVS. Unlike the CVT the AVS is available in huge sizes. We generally have up to 100KVA in stock.


UPSs can be divided into various different types i.e. off-line units, line interactive units and on-line units. There is a considerable difference in the way that these units work and the different types should not be confused. An on-line unit is considered to be the best protection that money can buy. You can get more info here.


Generators are obviously intended as a solution to a complete power failure. Very simply – a generator is a motor that gives you electricity. One needs to maintain the unit like you maintain your motor vehicle. They need to be serviced, etc.

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