500W Solar Pool Pump (Up to 18000l Pool) Solar Pool Pump


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500W Solar Pool Pump (Up to 46,200L Pool) BRUSHLESS SOLAR PUMP (SR-SSP17-15-500)
•100% OFF GRID Solution
•NO Batteries or AC Required
•NO Timers required
•Variable Speed DC Motor
•MPPT Controller
•Pool water to be turned twice in 24 Hours
•16.8m³ x 5.5Hrs p/day = (92.4m³/2) = 46,200 Ltrs
•50mm Inlet / 50mm Outlet
Litres Per Minute 280 L
Max. flow rate (m³/h): 16.8
Max. flow rate (Litres/h): 16,800
Max. Pool Size: 46,200 Litres
Max. Head (m): 15
Ambient Temp: -30 to +45
L x W x H (mm): 560 x 300 x 370
Weight (kg’s): 18
Input voltage: 48v DC
Type of enclosure: IP54
Max. power input (W): 500
Class of insulation: F
Suction Inlet Lift: 3.0 m
Max. casing pressure: 2.5 bar
Max. water temp: +60 °C
Controller Input: 48V – 100V (VoC)
Impeller: Plastic
Your pool water should be turned twice in a 24 hour period
This pump will drive most pool cleaners
Max pool size: (Flow Rate * 6Hrs per day) / 2 = Pool Size
Higher head = less suction for pool cleaner
Pump will start from sun-up to sun-down daily
How to determine Pool size
Width (m) x Length (m) x Average Depth (m) x 1000 = Litres
I.e.: 5m x 3m x 1.2m = 19.2m x 1000 = 19 200 Litres
Pump size determined by rotating water twice in a 24 Hour period. Calculated on 6 hours at maximum pumping capacity per day.
PUMP + PANELS: R14,014.24