2kVA Pure Sinewave UPS – Transformer Based (090 – 120 mins) Santak UPS Pure Sinewave UPS


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GI2000/4 (2kVA Pure Sinewave UPS (90 – 120 mins))
• Accurate pure sine wave output, strongly compatible with different loads
• Smart RS232 communication port
• Advanced performances due to the CPU control
• Wide range of input and accurate output
• Perfect protection for overload, short circuit, over-voltage and over-heating etc
• LED/LCD Display (optional)
• UPS restart automatically when main power recover (optional)
• Intelligent battery management
• Unsurpassed reliability for regions or countries with chronis power problems, TX-series is designed to work and protect PC equipment in extremely hostile power environments where other UPS’s simply cannot operate. An extra wide input AVR conserves battery for added security. Includes and advances multi-stage surge suppressor can protect frm surges and spikes via fax of DSL lines.These powerful units include auto diagnostics such as load sensing. Sleep/Green mode, audible and visual warnings to alert users of power and UPS conditions. A high performance line intereactive UPS for value conscious users.