150L Solar Geyser – Low Pressure ACDC SABS SOLAR GEYSER


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SL-NF1.8-18 (SABS Approved Low Pressure Solar Geyser)
(NOTE: Order Mixing Valve Seperately: SL6-C1301BX003 Installation Excluded. )
• Tank Length: 1446mm
• Tank Capacity: 150l
• Collector: 18Tubes
• Collector Area (m2): 1.88
• Inner tank: SUS304-2B (Low Pressure),
• Working pressure: 0.1MPA (Low Pressure)
• Vacuum tube: 58*1800mm 2.2mm thickness with special coating to aid absorption
• Frame: Galvanized steel 1.5mm
• Insulation: 50mm of high density polyurethane foam – Heat preservation: 72hrs
• Hail resistance: 40mm
• Tank
• Heat pipe vacuum tubes
• Frame
• Air vent valve
• Magnesium rod,
• Screws & nuts and carton box only.
• Estimated delivery (depending on availability) is 3-5 days

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