Proactive vs. Reactive

Many a time we perceive that just leaving a thing will mean it will just sort itself out. This is especially true when this is not something that is persistently in your face and might just be lingering in the background of the by and by.

Then it all comes crashing down and you reap the catastrophic consequence of your ill planning or sheer indifference to what really should have been dealt with a LONG TIME AGO! That section of damp on the ceiling that grows until you wake up covered in a dusty watery sludge that destroys your favorite carpet… The electric gate motor that flashes a warning light for months until you’re left outside with no easy way to gain entry to your property… When your wife tells you to fix it and then it’s not ready when she needs it! We’ve all either been there or know someone who has.

The difference is that the proactive individual rarely complains about going through these nightmare experiences. He or she has seen the proverbial writing on the wall and safely mitigated the risk of not taking corrective action. In turn he/she is well prepared for the coming potential calamity that may arise.

The exact same is true in the context where you need something to work for you and is especially critical to your livelihood, such as seamlessly operating your business without fear of that calamity.
Today, as well all know, we are all reliant on electrical power and as such I marvel at how people will neglect and ignore the non-existent or non-functional or unattended-to devices that keep them going in the event of a total power meltdown. From the simple load-shedding scheduled outage to the theft of a copper power cable to the destruction of a never-maintained substation and all the power problems that accompany these, your livelihood may be rendered inoperable if any of the a fore-mentioned fail you without proper backup.

Don’t get caught with your pants down as it were, we at Adriatic Power have the right team to ensure that you are Mr. or Mrs. Proactive by supplying the correct system or combination of systems to adequately cover any power catastrophe, or even to come to the rescue when you have been caught in that dire situation where your power systems have failed you.

Technical Manager

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