Do you worry about production interruptions?

How much stress have you got relating to the smooth running of your factory?

How much does downtime cost you per hour?

Do you want to reduce your downtime?

Downtime is caused by various things but one of them is irregular power – or power corruption. SineTamer will solve that issue.

SineTamer at this level boasts :-

  • 20 year replacement guarantee (The best warranty in the industry).
  • Lightning and Surge protection.
  • Protects all sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Weatherproof design – does not need a special enclosure when used outside.
  • Thermal protection ensuring fire safety.
  • Dedicated 7 or full 10 discrete modes of protection.
  • Has built-in frequency attenuation for the best protection available.
  • Outstanding high energy “impulse” suppression.

The model name for this protection is generally LA-STxxxxx. (X’s have different values depending on the application) however there could be a combination of units depending on the site.


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