Manic Thursday

South Africa has so many public holidays that 4 day weeks are almost the norm.
That got me to thinking – if we had every Wednesday off would we more efficient or less?
I think we will be far more efficient because we would all know that we have less time to do the same amount of business.
The supply of electrical power in SA is becoming more and more of an issue. We have (in our current mix of solutions) only a few options open to us all. 1) Generators, 2) Solar, 3) Wind and 4) UPS/Inverters.
For our alternative power supply options it is simply a matter of what one can afford. The Rand-per-kilowatt is ultimately our determining factor.

We have just completed two awesome projects for a truly amazing restaurant group.
They have decided to ensure their customers are not inconvenienced by power outages.
Both units have been supplied, installed and commissioned by us.

The first one, as you see above, is a CAT – which is (as we know) a very solid long lasting machine. These units run ‘forever’. This Generator actually backs up two restaurants which are right next to each other but operate from different supplies.

Sometimes we have to make custom bases and bolt the Generator down to prevent theft – in this instance a steel frame was used. The floor was sloped so the frame was custom built to accommodate the slope.

The second Generator needed an extended exhaust. We do all sorts of custom work for our clients. This is, on many occasions, the thing that makes us different from other companies.

Here you see the exhaust extending and pointing away from the area where people would be sitting and enjoying their meal.

There is not much one can say about a properly installed unit with a happy customer except that we need to express our gratitude that we were selected to provide the solution.

The SOCIAL restaurants are really awesome and I’m not just saying that because they are my customer. My daughter and I popped in there when we were in the area and had a quick meal. I have to say the staff were very friendly, service was great and the food was really excellent.
Those that know me – know I am a bit fussy when it comes to my coffee. Well Social did not disappoint – the coffee is exemplary.
The third Social is busy in the building phase and I’m sure that will be a resounding success as well.

I highly recommend that you pop over there and experience it for yourself (EVEN during power failures.)

Have a manic Thursday.

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