Long Runtime Power Solutions

For solutions that run past 4 hours it becomes financially viable to look at installing a small generator with an Inverter on a few items. We suggest using an Inverter just for the DSTV and TV. (It’s annoying when they have to reboot and reload). When looking at alternative energy it becomes necessary to look at gas stoves, gas/solar geysers etc.

We have solutions ranging from a fairly in-expensive small solution right up to doing a complete house all-in. Prices for a complete solution can literally range from a DIY ZAR20000 up to a few hundred thousands of Rands.

So let’s see if we can guide you in selecting the best solution for you needs.

1 – I just want to do my TV, DSTV, Wifi, lights (1 or 2 LED) and Security system

2 – I want to do the above but include HIFI sound system, fridges, deep freeze …

3 – I want to be able to run almost everything in my house but not all at the same time ...

4 – I am done with ESKOM/City Power – kit me out!

5 – EESH I dunno