Light Industry (Up to 250Amps)

Do you have a small business or factory and the downtime costs are bothering you?

Are you concerned that your sensitive electronic and computer related tools will survive the next electrical surge, spike or lightning strike?

Are you Resetting your PLC’s or computers and the suppliers cannot explain why?

If you are in the Light Industry arena – typically up to 250 Amps supply then SineTamer is your answer:-

  • We boast a 15 year replacement guarantee (The best warranty in the industry).
  • Lightning and Surge protection.
  • Protects all sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Weatherproof design – does not need a special enclosure when used outside.
  • Thermal protection ensuring fire safety.
  • Dedicated 7 discrete modes of protection.
  • Single or 3 phase options available.
  • Has built-in frequency attenuation for the best protection available.
  • Outstanding high energy “impulse” suppression.

Simply put – SineTamer will remove your stress and give you the confidence to run your business the way you should be doing without the stress of the unpredictable power surges.

The model name for this protection is RM-ST603Y2. (5 Wire 3 Phase).

Don’t delay – get peace of mind and get protected.


But Wait there’s more …

You’ll improve your golf score with less stress

(proven fact 🙂 )


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