Individual Circuit Units

Individual Equipment Suppressors

These devices are intended for single 120 or 240 VAC or 24 to 240 VDC circuit applications at locations feeding sensitive/critical equipment. They are unique in that they are designed as a stand-alone surge suppression device and require no special enclosure when used outside an existing enclosure or cabinet. Their compact size make installation a breeze and the warranty is the best in the industry. Add to all that, dedicated “all mode” protection, and you get a device that defines effective and reliable surge suppression.

Units are available with our Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ or simply the encapsulated Optimal Response Network.

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 Unit Specifications

SPT Series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units.

SPT-RJ Series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units with RJ14 protection included.

SPT-DIN Series  Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units with DIN rail mounting.

SPT-DC series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – DC units.

SPW Series – Hardwired Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units from 120 to 480Vac

FSPT Series  Optimal Response Network – AC units.



ST-LL240P 240 Volt, 3 Wire, Parallel unit, With or W/O Frequency Attenuation.


ICPS Family

ST-ICPS  Enhanced Sinewave Tracking (when space is critical and limited.

ST-RSE-3N series These are Three (3) phase units in the same enclosure as the SPT units

ST-FDINxx-20 – 35 mm Din Rail enclosure unit. 120 or 240 single phase – thermal/current fused! ORN Clamping

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