“Feel Good Friday” – The biggest coal plant in north America has been converted to a Solar plant!

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Have a look at this…
In 2016 there was an article about the Nanticoke Generating Station, in Canada, being converted to a solar farm. This Coal powered plant was one of the country’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, producing a staggering 4,000 megawatts of energy.

As part of the Government of Ontario’s commitment to eliminate coal power, the plant was officially decommissioned in 2013, and has has now been converted to a 44-megawatt solar farm with 192,431 photovoltaic panels spread across 260 acres, which generate enough electricity to power more than 7,200 homes

The Nanticoke Generating Station started operating again in April 2019.
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Just look at this table & little graph:

Total emissions, 2004-2014
Year – Emissions (tonnes CO2e)
2004 – 14,715,952
2005 – 17,629,437
2006 – 16,271,466
2007 – 17,887,649
2008 – 15,427,913
2009 – 6,037,137
2010 – 8,601,215
2011 – 2,836,299
2012 – 2,021,667
2013 – 0*
* Facility shut down in 2013

These figures are promising, and proof that we are being successful in our efforts to repair the damage we have caused the planet.
Thank you Canada!

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