“Feel Good Friday” – London is trying to save the Bees!

Good Morning.
I woke up recently, feeling inspired after my daughter came to me with list of the good things that we as Human Beings have achieved over the last few years.

We are all so focused on our work, and with the constant stress and pressures of life we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the little things, which I am finding out are not so little after all.

So… I am starting a “Feel Good Friday” Blog to remind us that we are in fact making huge impact on our planet, in a positive way.

Today’s story is about a London council who is growing a seven-mile long “bee corridor” of wildflowers in an effort to boost the numbers of pollinating insects.

Brent Council in north London is sowing 22 wildflower meadows in the borough’s parks and open spaces, which together will form 50,000sq m of new flowering spaces, stretching seven miles in length.
Workers have been ploughing plots which have been picked as meadow areas, and once the ground is ready, seeds including ragged robin, cowslip and common poppy will be sown.

See More: https://themindunleashed.com/2019/05/seven-mile-long-bee-corridor-london.html

Seeing this kind of action being taken to protect the Bees makes me so happy, and really restores my faith in humanity!
I really hope that you find this article inspiring, and it reminds you to do your part in taking care of our planet.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend, and a successful week ahead.

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