Over the last year or so I have noticed something rather interesting.

In the world of Electrical and Electronics – there are these people called Engineers. An Engineer is typically a guy/gal that has been to university and obtained a degree. That can be either Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate etc. The whole reason for their studies is so that when they enter into the world of business – they actually know what they are talking about.

I would figure out that IF a company has employed an Engineer then they would be paying a rather good salary compared to a technician or the like. The reason they are paying a good salary is that they are now placing a responsibility on the Engineer for his technical abilities within the framework of the business.

OK – So far?

Good – so – if the company has a problem in the technical arena – where should they be looking to find the solution?
The Engineer – right?

BAM! – that’s where we are all wrong.

They look at the accountant – The Engineer can say what he wants but it is all overthrown by the accountant.

Damn stupid I recon. Damn Stupid.

I have had this happen to me by three very very large and respected, international companies over the last while. The Engineer contacts me – we do an investigation, make recommendation, Engineer checks everything out, we do live tests, have irrefutable results, 100% improvements, investigate other products with nowhere near as good results, s/he gives the stamp of approval and poof – it dies because the accountant says “too expensive”

In one instance we did a 1 year long test run. The results were incredible. We were in fact surprised by the results. At the end – finances – and the company installed a much cheaper device that does 20% of what SineTamer does.

I have to ask of the board of Directors – what the heck is the reason for employing technical staff if you are going to let an accountant over-ride his decision?

Surely if you want a technical decision – let the technical staff do their job. If you have a financial decision let the financial staff decide. Do you let the tea room staff decide on your HR issues?

Am I just simplifying things too much?

OR maybe I just don’t understand business!

Oh and before you comment – you need to know that we are talking a different of price of around 18% in some instances. OR Like comparing a Mercedes to a Fiat kind of thing.