SineTamer Non Technical As a pre-amble to this … Sometimes in doing technical sales we throw so many technical facts at the customer that he/she loses interest. It does not, actually, matter how true these facts are, it does not matter how impressive these facts are, what really matters is,Continue Reading

As we know in South Africa we are experiencing this little thing called Loadshedding. To some – it’s a nightmare but to others it’s a minor inconvenience. We have included a few resources to help you at least plan your calendar around these power outages. Pop onto these sites andContinue Reading

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Installation Sheets Split Phase 120/240 volt units: Split Phase 120/240 volt units Three phase 120/208 volt units: Three phase 120/208 volt units Three phase 220/380 or 240/415 or 277/480 volt units: Three phase 220/380 or 240/415 or 277/480 volt units Three phase 220/240 volt No-neutral units: Three phase 220/240 volt No-neutral units Three phaseContinue Reading