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Power Protection.

Do you need to protect your equipment? OK That was a rhetorical question … A few categories that we would like to use to help you choose the proper protection that you need – click on the appropriate one … 1) Are you looking to protect a single phase House, SME or a SOHO (Small […]

SineTamer Warranties

We are proud of our SineTamer warranties – simply because there is no nonsense and/or killer “fine print” You can download them from here – 10 year warranty 15 year warranty 20 year warranty 25 year warranty Different products have different warranties as you can see. These include lightning … even in Africa.

What is a transient?

Welcome to the World of Transients What are transients? A transient (surge, impulse, spike) is defined as a temporary rise in voltage and current on an electrical circuit that has been disturbed. They are high energy (with magnitudes in the thousands of volts) and short duration (with rise times in the 1 to 10 microsecond […]

Sizing Equipment

In order for the power protection equipment (Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters, SineTamer and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)) to work effectively then it must be sized according to the load it (or they) must carry. Power protection is normally sized in VA (Volt/Amps) but can be rated in watts or amps. Most types of equipment will have […]

Do we need Power Protection?

WHY POWER PROTECTION IS USED If there is one thing that can be guaranteed it is that no electricity supply will be stable at all times. With today’s business operation being dependent on computers, and other electronic equipment, steady power is essential, and ultimately the user is responsible for this. There are many different problems […]

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