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Power Surges causing trouble on Baggage ...

We were recently called out to investigate a problem at a logistics and travel conglomerate, where they were losing backup and logic systems on their baggage conveyors. Problem: Loss of sensitive electronics and backup systems in baggage conveyor systems. Diagnosis: Surges from the supply utility, as well as transient activity from within the facility generated […]

Protecting Laser and Plasma Cutters

We were called out to site last week to assist a client. Due to power failures and/or loadshedding, and also on some occasions, Cable Theft, they are losing their programming on the Laser Cutters’ Computer. I met with the client this week to assess the requirements. We are offering them a 24V 40A DC UPS […]

Protecting ‘Your Baby’

Parenting… What does it mean to be a parent…? Honestly, I have not quite figured it out as yet. My wife and I are expecting our first child, and to tell you the truth I don’t think that it has quite dawned on me yet.. That I AM GOING TO BE A DAD! Emotions are […]

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