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Power Solutions

Power in South Africa is not as stable as we would like.For many years we have claimed to provide full turnkey solutions but not every deal offers us the opportunity to flex that muscle. Below is one that we are almost complete with (at the time of this writing). It will give you the insight […]

Why SineTamer – (Non-technical)

SineTamer Non Technical As a pre-amble to this … Sometimes in doing technical sales we throw so many technical facts at the customer that he/she loses interest. It does not, actually, matter how true these facts are, it does not matter how impressive these facts are, what really matters is, simply, does the customer grasp […]

Proactive vs. Reactive

Many a time we perceive that just leaving a thing will mean it will just sort itself out. This is especially true when this is not something that is persistently in your face and might just be lingering in the background of the by and by. Then it all comes crashing down and you reap […]

Manic Thursday

South Africa has so many public holidays that 4 day weeks are almost the norm. That got me to thinking – if we had every Wednesday off would we more efficient or less?I think we will be far more efficient because we would all know that we have less time to do the same amount […]

Power Surges causing trouble on Baggage ...

We were recently called out to investigate a problem at a logistics and travel conglomerate, where they were losing backup and logic systems on their baggage conveyors. Problem: Loss of sensitive electronics and backup systems in baggage conveyor systems. Diagnosis: Surges from the supply utility, as well as transient activity from within the facility generated […]

Protecting Laser and Plasma Cutters

We were called out to site last week to assist a client. Due to power failures and/or loadshedding, and also on some occasions, Cable Theft, they are losing their programming on the Laser Cutters’ Computer. I met with the client this week to assess the requirements. We are offering them a 24V 40A DC UPS […]

Protecting ‘Your Baby’

Parenting… What does it mean to be a parent…? Honestly, I have not quite figured it out as yet. My wife and I are expecting our first child, and to tell you the truth I don’t think that it has quite dawned on me yet.. That I AM GOING TO BE A DAD! Emotions are […]

Affordability. What is it?

Our lives largely revolve around electronic tools today. I was going to call them toys but thought that it would be better to call them tools. Think about it a little – your watch, phone, kitchen appliances, entertainment centres, camera, iPad/tablet, etc etc. Have you ever worked out how much you have spent on it […]

HouseHold/SME Protection

  LoadShedding – is a reality in South Africa. Protect your house and all your electronic equipment for 25 Years for ONLY – R4152.(exVat) No matter what – when your power gets switched off and back on again there is a massive transient that gets pushed down the line. Yes you have insurance, yes you […]

To Help You

As we know in South Africa we are experiencing this little thing called Loadshedding. To some – it’s a nightmare but to others it’s a minor inconvenience. We have included a few resources to help you at least plan your calendar around these power outages. Pop onto these sites and glean the information from them […]

Engineers have no more say!

Over the last year or so I have noticed something rather interesting. In the world of Electrical and Electronics – there are these people called Engineers. An Engineer is typically a guy/gal that has been to university and obtained a degree. That can be either Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate etc. The whole reason for their studies […]

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