Affordability. What is it?

Our lives largely revolve around electronic tools today. I was going to call them toys but thought that it would be better to call them tools.

Think about it a little – your watch, phone, kitchen appliances, entertainment centres, camera, iPad/tablet, etc etc. Have you ever worked out how much you have spent on it all? If not rather don’t it’s actually scary how much we spend on these things.

The thing that is providing power for all these toys is called Eskom. Sadly, as we know but maybe don’t want to admit, the infrastructure is not being maintained and as such it’s degenerating into an infrastructure that is frail and unreliable. That brings me to my point – affordability … how much thought have you put into improving your supply at your work and/or home?

I have discussions daily about alternative power, power protection and backup power. At the end of most discussions it boils down to affordability. The stuff is expensive.

Everything’s relative, I recon, and I think that it’s a matter of priority. When it’s still reasonably comfortable then we try to ignore the facts but as soon as the stuff hits the fan we go into a buying frenzy. 9/10 times paying more than we should have – just to get rid of the pain. With that in mind – I want to ask – don’t you think it would be wise to start planning to get things sorted out in this area?

I’d like to invite you to get in touch so we (Adriatic Power) can assist you in this plan. At the same time we can advise on a stepped approach so you can upscale as and when you have budget for things. Before you know it you’ll be running smoothly when all around, people are bitching and moaning about spikes, surges, lightning, loadshedding or power failures. Trust me – your family will be exceptionally happy with you as well.

You can browse around our online shop by clicking on the link below but please note we are adding products all the time so at times the info might not be complete. Don’t forget to contact us so we can help you plan you’re power solutions.


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