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HouseHold/SME Protection

HouseHold/SME Protection
  LoadShedding – is a reality in South Africa. Protect your house and all your electronic equipment for 25 Years for ONLY – R4152.(exVat) No matter what – when your power gets switched off and back on again there is a massive transient that gets pushed down the line. Yes you have insurance, yes you have had no problems [...]

SME / Household Protection

SME / Household Protection
Are you a little stressed out everytime you see a thunderstorm aproaching? Everytime there is a power failure. Are you concerned when the power comes back on? Most of us are – we fear the unseen dreaded power surge or spike. We offer the industry’s most complete and capable line of high quality Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s) for [...]

Medium to Large Industry (greater tha...

Medium to Large Industry (greater than 250Amps)
Do you worry about production interruptions? How much stress have you got relating to the smooth running of your factory? How much does downtime cost you per hour? Do you want to reduce your downtime? Downtime is caused by various things but one of them is irregular power – or power corruption. SineTamer will solve that issue. SineTamer [...]

Light Industry (Up to 250Amps)

Light Industry (Up to 250Amps)
Do you have a small business or factory and the downtime costs are bothering you? Are you concerned that your sensitive electronic and computer related tools will survive the next electrical surge, spike or lightning strike? Are you Resetting your PLC’s or computers and the suppliers cannot explain why? If you are in the Light Industry [...]

Power Backup

Power Backup
When Eskom power fails! Power Backup is what you need. Power Backup comes in various forms (click on the item to be taken to a list of solutions). 1) UPS’s General Information Off-Line UPS’s On-Line UPS’s 2) Generators.

Power Protection.

Power Protection.
Do you need to protect your equipment? OK That was a rhetorical question … A few categories that we would like to use to help you choose the proper protection that you need – click on the appropriate one … 1) Are you looking to protect a single phase House, SME or a SOHO (Small Office)? 2) Are you needing to protect an offi [...]

First rain special

First rain special
First rain special Don’t get caught napping when the first lightning hits the Eskom power and causes power outage. Invest now in a UPS 3KVA inline UPS with 10 to 15 minutes backup after power failure. Now at only R 4765.00 excl vat Hurry now and get your order in , only valid while stocks last. While you’re at it , why not asked about o [...]

Engineers have no more say!

Engineers have no more say!
Over the last year or so I have noticed something rather interesting. In the world of Electrical and Electronics – there are these people called Engineers. An Engineer is typically a guy/gal that has been to university and obtained a degree. That can be either Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate etc. The whole reason for their studies is so t [...]

Surge Testing of Binatone surge suppr...

Surge Testing of Binatone surge suppressor
Surge Testing of Binatone surge suppressor performed in the Laboratory in the USA.


We have a wide range of Invertors available. There are various combinations of DC to AC so please contact us with any requirements you may have so we can give you the correct unit for your application.

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  • Loadshedding - not a subject to be taken lightly.
    We have been in the power industry since 1994 - I promise you we have been around the block a few times. We have experienced almost every power related hassle that exists.
    You need advice?
    Post it here - let's see if we can give you proper advice - hey - even if we can't or don't supply certain solutions - as long as you get the correct advise as to where and how to get your solution.
    Look at that protection deal - soon we are going to announce our backup special's as well.
    Keep watching this space
  • We have solutions for all your loadshedding problems - guaranteed.
    But it's all a function of the mighty Rand. :(

    Pop us an email or a message and let us help you get yourself more efficient, comfortable and protected.
  • LoadShedding - is a reality in South Africa.

    Protect your house/SME for 25 Years for ONLY - R4152.(exVat)

    No matter what - when your power gets switched off and back on again there is a massive transient that gets pushed down the line.

    Yes you have insurance, yes you have had no problems up to this point and maybe even yes you could last another year before you have a problem.

    Invest NOW and SAVE over ONE THOUSAND RAND in the ultimate load-shedding, lightning, surge, spike protection - Normal price R5208 - Limited OFFER - R4152
    (Prices are ex-VAT, subject to prior sale, ex-factory Edenvale - South Africa)
    Installation to be done by a qualified electrician

    The unit comes with a 25 year unconditional replacement warrantee - INCLUDING LIGHTNING!

    Email:- Gary right now to place your order.
  • SINETAMER have launched an exciting World Cup competition with R20 000.00 worth of prizes to be won!
    Simply go to http://www.superbru.com/worldcup/pool.php?p=11219448
    and enter.
    Looking forward to see how takes part and who predicts the right scores!
    See you at the top. Enjoy.

    SuperBru - Free Football World Cup prediction game -
    Have fun SineTamer SA WC 2014 is a league in SuperBru's World Cup prediction game. Predict World Cup results: the more accurate you are, the more points you'll earn.

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